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Carole's Experience With "Max" The Ancient Skull



As my life unfolds, I find myself in places and in times that seem to expose the reason and purpose of my life.
First the back story then the heart of the reason for my writing this.
I met my dear friend Marjorie years ago and through our friendship and sharing, we came to learn a great deal of that purpose and our relationship on so many cosmic levels.
It was my birthday and Marjorie brought with her a beautiful Smokey quartz crystal skull.  As she placed it in my hand, I immediately made contact with it beyond measure.  Marjorie explained to me that this skull had been in the presence of one of the ancient crystal Skulls Max. Max, whom I felt enter my heart and my brain with an explosion of love and knowing. 
I fell in love with this little skull but it went beyond the skull I was holding, into the Skull that I sat with and gained experience from.  From Max. 
Over the course of a few years my attention and my connection to the Crystal Skulls grew. I have collected several  modern skulls myself.  There as some that have great meaning to me and have reasons why they came to be mine. 
I moved from New York three years ago.  I was again compelled to do so.  I followed my spirit and the direction I was being shown.  I moved to Knoxville, Tennessee, of all places.  It has been here, that I found so many that followed the same call and have moved here for the same intention. 
Weeks ago I received an email from another great friend that lives here in Knoxville, telling me that Max was going to be in Johnson City, just an hour and half drive away from me.  I was stunned!  I knew I had to go of course.  Another wonderful woman, whom I only recently met here, also felt the call to go with me and yesterday we drove there together. 
Both of us had experienced something tremendous happening to us every day prior to seeing Max.  We were being prepared for this audience with Max.  Our DNA and our Kundalini were being altered if you may, to prepare us as individuals, in meeting with Max.
I have read countless information about Max being one of 13 skulls that the Mayan and other indigenous peoples talk about in the preparation for Humanities ascension, and so over the years I have grown a knowledge of Max, but that was academic.  I was about to experience in person, the power of Max!
JoAnn Parks, who is the caretaker of Max, arranged for people to have time with Max.  I had thirty minutes alone with Max, as did my friend Charlaine, who had traveled with me.  Here is my experience as it unfolded.
I entered the room where Max had been set up for his audiences.  I had brought me with that little Smokey quartz  skull and some other skull and crystals to place about Max. 
I sat in a chair facing him.  My knees grew weak as the chair supported me.  I began to weep.  Emotions flooded out of me like a child being reunited with a loved one.  Only this was the loved one for us all.  Our Father.  Our Cosmic, Universal Father.  I knew this to be true. 
I touched his face and felt his features and I remembered him.  I embraced him and he embraced me.  I knew his name.  Father. 
I placed my face against his.  Eye to eye, forehead to forehead and I kissed him as a child would kiss a parent. All the while, tears were streaming down my face.  I spoke his name, and from my mouth, other words came out that I never said or heard, in a different language that I had spoken to him softly before in another time, or another space.
He let the other skulls soak up his essence and he shared with them who he was. 
I picked him up even though he was very heavy and I held him in my arms to hold him to my heart. 
I can feel him still as I write this. 
Emoch. Emoch. Father. Father.  That creator of us all and here for humanities sake. 
This Crystal Skull known as Max, holds this God Energy!  This made possible to be in this dimension and on this physical plane.
An understanding of time being short now, as we will be playing our roles in the shift for all of humanity, comes in a breath.  Omnec Rah came to me when Charlaine and I had lunch.  So I chanted this as well and that was when the other words came out of my mouth.  Words I have no meaning for. 
Tears, tears and more tears. 
I knew more would come to me over the course of the next few days and that was so true over last night. 
I have no words to describe for you how I felt.  My body felt as if it weighed 500 lbs and my physical being feels as if I have worked out all night long.  My dreams are flashes of beings and light and toning and vibration that I struggle with a headache this morning and I am still very emotional.
The caretakers chimed tincture bells to tell me I had only a few more minutes and I wept to leave Max.  I covered him with the Tibetan shawl I brought with me, another gift from Marjorie.  I slowly packed up my skulls and in between each one I kissed Max again and again.
I was leaving that which we seek all our lives and I did not want to leave.  I was overwhelmed with that separation once again.  It felt paralyzing.  I did not want to leave him.  I had no choice.  Gently the door opened and I had to step out of the room. 
I sat for several minutes and both Charlaine and I stared at each other, overwhelmed by our personal experiences. 
We thanked everyone for bringing Max close enough for us both to have time with him.  We then sat outside and shared with each other nearly identical experiences we had with Max.  The knowing.  Our Father, our creator of all. 
We made it home which was a concern for us both, since we felt so much happening to us. 
      July 15th, 2011