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IVOR:  Opened in prayer.


LORD SANANDA:  Good morning my friends.  It is good to be with you once again. 


I have been listening to your earlier conversation and, as was said, Dawlish is actually  a very enlightened place, and its vibrations spread for many miles from the centre – actually from the centre of Millcroft.  May I take you back to the very early time in this life when we began working together.  Do you remember that you were told that your house would become a beacon of light, and that to your house would come many in need.  This is exactly what is happening.  Your house is a beacon and it pulsates out much love, much beautiful healing vibrations, and it goes much further than you can imagine in your mileage measuring terms.


IVOR:  We have had people walk in and say “I saw the light – show me the way home.”

We have done it before and hopefully will do it many more times.


LORD SANANDA:  Yes, as you say, you have done it before, and many times and in many places - in different time-spans, different ages, different eons - but each time it is different, and this is how you learn, and your Instrument was speaking only this morning of going back to a learning place and there is plenty to learn before the Ascension Plan comes into place.  I would like to say just a little bit about the Ascension Plan.


            I know that it has been a little while since I last spoke to you of our plans for Ascension but I must say to you that you have seen in the past few weeks many of the events which I foretold.  Further earthquake and volcanic activity has taken place.  It has also caused many people to ascend into their new world, into their new realms, and I really would like to say to you my friends that these will be events which you will continue to see with frightening rapidity.


  There will be many more events involving water, fire and the earth itself, in other words flooding, volcanoes, landslides, and you will continue to see this taking place in the far-flung countries:  Indonesia, China, Africa – places like this where the world began its own civilisation - and yet it will now become a different place, but I ask that you will remember that this is all part of the Ascension Plan. 


There are many things that are going to change the face of your earth forever.  There will be glacial slides, particularly now that this weather pattern is within your hemisphere, and I speak here in the hemisphere where the United Kingdom and Europe are situated.  It is here where this time of the year would normally be anticipated as being cold and yet the weather is warm enough outside to wear perhaps a sleeveless shirt.   Then there have been days within this month where there has been extremely cold weather and winter clothes have been necessary.  Your weather pattern is fulfilling the prophecy - when all the seasons roll into one the age of man will begin - and this is precisely what is happening. 


The age of man is beginning to be not the type of human-race that you are familiar with.  The earth knows it, the earth is changing too.  Mother Earth is changing and she is watching her children change.  She is watching her children move and stretch and grow, hence the landslides and the glacial slides. Mountains are crumbling that have been in place for many, many thousands of years, but I say to you, this is all in the natural realm of the Ascension Plan.  The earth will change its image, just as mankind will change his, and I have told you and explained to you in many of the messages that I have given prior to this one here this morning, your bodies will change.  You will be affected by many of the earth changes while this change is going on, here and now, within the next couple of years.


            Your bodies will change, the vibrations will change on the earth and so will you.  Your vibration levels will move until eventually you are all on the same level and you will be able to ascend and you will be ascended as lightbeings.  There will be no need for you to collate knowledge for you will know precisely where you need to be and what you will require, and I say to you here at this time, if you wish to look and examine the facts of your earth and how it is moving, and how it is changing, then do so.  Do not be mystified by the signs that I give you, for these are the signs I promised centuries ago that you would see, when the age of mankind as you know it would end.


            I do not bring this information to be seditious, I do not bring it to be malevolent, and I do not bring it to make you frightened or panicked.  I bring it because many people around the world are questioning and saying “What is happening, where is God? Are we back in an era where all heaven slept while the earth struggled.”  No, you are not back in an era where it seemed that all heaven and the Saints slept, you are in the dawn, in the era of a new life for mankind. 


Look at the signs around you, how can you not be assured that these are the signs that I promised, that my Father the Creator promised He would send you when He would bring this earth to its end?   Do not be afraid, do not be afraid, rejoice and be happy that you are witnessing one of the greatest things – the creation of a new life – the creation of a new person in pure light and energy.  Of a new age, a new world, where harmony and peace and love and light will reign, and you will at last have the veil lifted from your eyes, and you will see all things as they truly are.  Be strong, read the information I have given you, all of it, digest, look at it.  Make reference to it.  Try to understand what I have said to you and know that I am with you all along the way. 


Yes, my friend (to Sheila) you have a question?


SHEILA:  Dear Lord, we were watching a documentary on the television recently which stated that thanks to the decoding of the human genome, future generations could be freed from genetic diseases by taking a pill perhaps to prevent cancer, or an injection to stop heart disease.  Can you tell us please, will we see this happening in our lifetime?


LORD SANANDA: There isn’t enough time, there isn’t enough time.  Again, these are all things that could have happened sooner had the stupidity, uncertainty and greed of man been overcome, but these new breakthroughs that you are seeing, they will save some people’s lives but not enough that you can say this is the cure, this has been done, this is wonderful.  It is several miles down the right road and again it proves to show that what technology and the mind that the Creator has given the human-race was capable of doing, and still is, but this breakthrough will be completely unnecessary in the new world.  There will be no need for this - the injections or the re-jigging of the human genome and such like - because it will just not matter.  You will be beings of light and energy and nothing will touch you.


SHEILA:  One other thing I would like to discuss with you please, dear Lord.  I have just been given a book to read by Carol, our dear friend and gifted Medium who works with us on soul rescue as you know.  She was given a crystal skull in her meditation and the very next day was guided to a Charity Shop where she found a very interesting Book written by Chris Morton and Cerie Louise Thomas entitled “The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls”.  I have never really thought too much about them until Marjorie, our friend in America, very kindly allowed us to put your messages on her website “The Skull Whisperers” and I learnt a great deal more, but I now understand exactly what the crystal skulls are now in our world for as the information given through them is truly remarkable and exactly what your messages contain.  Wonderful confirmation, but I am really curious about the Mayan Culture and its disappearance from this earth.  Did the Mayan people ascend, dear Lord, as we will?


LORD SANANDA:  Yes they did, they all ascended as one, and that is further proof that the Ascension Plan exists.


IVOR:  Was it through a battle dear Master or was it through their understanding?


LORD SANANDA:  Not in battle.  It was their choice and their knowledge. The Mayan Culture is extremely important to this lifetime because it shows how things could have been achieved in a very short time.  They only spent a short time on the earth and yet they had so much knowledge about everything - the planet, the stars, how they worked, how the earth worked - they were totally in tune with Mother Nature.  They had some practises which were not required and fairly soon, when it was made clear they were not required, they stopped, but the Mayan Culture had much if not more knowledge than the Egyptians, and that knowledge was taken from Atlantis to the Egyptians, and the Egyptians down through to the Mayans.


 Some of that knowledge remains but the main thing that has baffled many over the centuries is where did the Mayans all go?  There are a few graves around various places but these are of people who died prior to the Ascension, and they died protecting their loved ones when intruders eventually came, because the Mayans were a very rich nation.  They knew how to mine gold, they knew about crystals, and most of the intruders that came, which were unfortunately Christians, the crystal was considered to be a form of divination because you could look through it and you could see the rainbow colours, and of course to them that would have been magic, so the Mayans knew how to use it. 


They used it for many things - for lighting fires - they used it for seeing, they imbibed it with spirituality from different places, and because the head and the brain therein (because the brain was considered to be the king of the body) they decided to make some of the crystal into a skull because that is where the imprints of many of the wise men - the Shamans, the Medicine Men – were contained, and they were made as a homage to particular people in the Mayan History, and also prior to that in the Egyptian History, but they all look the same because the Mayans believed that inside, the human-race is all the same; the same brain, the same capability for knowledge - a part for spirituality, for advancing that spirituality into healing and Shamanism - for all sorts of things, so they used the skull to represent all which ruled their culture. 


SHEILA: Will any more crystal skulls be found, dear Master?


LORD SANANDA:  There is one to be found and that won’t be found for a while but when it is it will shock your world, it will rock it - I think that is the word - it will rock the world.  It is buried where two religions clash constantly.


IVOR:  Dear Master, when we were talking about the earth changes, something passed through me and took me back to Atlantis.  Is that going to rise again or will those who are still occupying it have to be rescued?


LORD SANANDA:  It will not rise again but it will be unveiled, and it will be shown in a brief instant in its glory, for what it was, and those who remain are if you like castallans - wardens, guardians - and they will stay until they are requested to move, and when they are requested to move by myself and the Creator they will be moved with aid swiftly.


Now my friends, if there are no further questions I feel I need to remove myself from this dear Medium.  Until I see you, all of you, all of you lightworkers wherever you are, until I see you face to face, I bring you my peace and my love, my truth and my wisdom, and all I ask in return is that you work on yourself, you find your true self, and prepare for the greatest thing ever to happen in your life.  Blessings upon you.





IVOR opened in prayer.


ARCHANGEL GABRIEL:  Good morning my friends (Tammy, Sue’s little dog, started to bark loudly) and you my little one, hush now, hush now.  I have come to speak with you this morning because my Lord has commanded it.  You know me my little one – (Tammy laid down by Sue’s side) that is right.  You have decided that you can accept my energy.


            It is lovely to speak with you, my name is Archangel Gabriel.  I have come to speak with you this morning because, as is my command from my Lord, I have come to bring you a message, and it is a message concerning the Ascension Plan.


 I am so happy that I am working with you, and I am so overwhelmed with the love and the dedication that you have given to this so far, and I hope that you can feel, from my presence, the strength that I am giving you.  


            Now, I come to speak to you about the Ascension because I need to prepare you, and the rest of the world, for the things that are going to happen.  Now, my Lord has already explained to you how the earth and everything else you are seeing are going to change, but I think it is important that I also come to deliver a message to you of new birth for it is right for it has been my role down through history to bring messages of birth, and glad tidings of great joy, and this is no different.  I do bring you tidings of great joy, and I say to you that your new birth, your new human-race, your new human-kind, is coming, and I would like to address you and give you a few words of how this is going to affect your bodies here on the earthplane for we have a little time yet before the full Ascension Plan comes into being, but I must tell you how it will affect you.. 


Already you are beginning, those of you who are extremely sensitive – Light-workers, Mediums etc – those of you who are very sensitive - are beginning to experience the subtle change in the energy that is coming about in your planet.  I know that some of you reading this are nodding your heads and saying “Yes, I have felt this, but I am not sure if this is anything to do with the Ascension.”  I must say to you my friends, yes it is.  The change that you feel in your body, in your mind, in your outlook, in your day to day life – perhaps you are feeling elated one moment, full of energy and then you find that energy has accelerated to a point when you feel you cannot keep yourselves grounded - I say to you my friends, let your spirits soar, let them go, let them see what there is to see, let them take strength from the heavenly realms.  Let them take light and knowledge and peace and truth from those realms, and greater vision of what will happen, but - please make sure you are sitting when you do this!   


Of course, this will cause some physical instability in your bodies.  You may feel nauseous, you may feel extremely tired, you may feel you go to your sleeping place at night and yet, when you wake up in the morning, you are not rested.  This is the time my friends when you must begin to take time for yourselves. 


Perhaps some of you are older and live lives where you no longer do a job of practical work.  I say to you, my friends, this is the greatest job you will do in your lives - to guide people, to educate them, to understand knowledge of the Ascension Plan - and you must take time to rejuvenate yourselves.  You must take time to feed your bodies, minds and spirits.  Read what you can.  Read and educate yourselves, pass that knowledge on to those who will accept it, and if there is just a remote chance that you speak to someone who is concerned about what happens about life after death – you have had these conversations a million times with people down through the ages, they want to know if there is a heaven – you can sit down and explain to them as carefully and clearly as you can, what is going to happen to the world and why it is happening.  You can give them the explanations as to why there seems to be so many natural disasters in the earth at this present time.  They will be amazed at your knowledge but even greater, it will open a pathway within them that they will find easy to follow and easy to see, so I say to you my friends, listen to what has been said, listen and try to understand, accept some of the things that are happening to you and know that it is to do with the Ascension.


Let me also say to you, you will begin to feel greater shift changes in opinions within your Government and this will be a good thing.  There will be action on the part of large companies who have damaged the environment.  This will lead to a greater trust and a greater belief that the world must be cared for.  This is good but you may say that if the world is going to change, what is the point in saving the environment?  There is every point in saving the environment for Mother Nature herself will still reside within this earth.  It is she who is giving birth to a new earth.  Many, many, many centuries after you have ascended to your new world this planet will again support life, and life will begin again on this planet but centuries after you have left, and believe it or not, you may be returning to help those new residents of earth in their own Ascension Plan, so understand there will be a new shift and this will affect you. 


Perhaps you will feel that you want to make your voice heard amongst the many groups who are saving - yes, saving - the environment for their children, but you will know it will be for the children of the new world not the children of this one, and I say to you, my friends, if you feel these shifts within yourselves, please, do not ignore them, rather sit down and take yourselves into meditation, and seek the answers from those who will guide you.  Be aware of those guides who are around you, listen to them, open your hearts and minds to what they say but more importantly please, unstop your ears for many of you are deaf to what we have to say.  Listen to what we say, interpret it in the right way, we speak the truth. 


We come to you because we want to guide you.  There are many, many legions of angels who are coming to talk to you.  Many of them are flooding the earth with their love.  There is not one of you who does not tread the earth without an angel beside him or her to guide them.  We want you to understand the Ascension - even those who will not accept the idea of God and of heaven - we want you to understand and accept the idea that you can be reborn into a different form and into a different light.  Please take away the dogma of some of the Church’s teachings.  You are loved, every single one of you, and it is the duty and command of my Lord to bring you home.  This is what it means in scripture when it says “Come to the Kingdom of Heaven, come home.  Let the Shepherd lead you home.  Let us give you your reward.”  Your reward is to be a being of light, a being of love, a being of purity and honesty, and a being free from any fetid teachings, any disease, any culture, any race, any creed.  You will be freed from this.  Oh my Brothers and Sisters do you not want this?  Do you not want a world where you can begin again with a new life, with greater knowledge, greater understanding, with even greater power to help those who are lesser in spirituality than yourselves?  Do you not want this?  Do you not want to be able to join us in teaching and educating and nurturing and loving all those beings who live in different places that you don’t even know of?  Do you not want this veil to be removed from you so that you may see what is there? 


Oh, my Brothers and Sisters, I bring you great tidings of joy, I bring you news of the Ascension and I tell you that it will happen, and I have tried to explain to you, in the short while I have been here, how this will affect your human bodies.  I think, to put it in what you would call a “nutshell”, if you are sensitive and you are experiencing changes, however subtle they may be, seek guidance, go into meditation, join with others like you – meditate - see where that guidance takes you and act on the instructions that are given to you.


The differences in shifts and energies will continue for some time, you will feel them right up to the Ascension, and you will feel them much more strongly the closer we get to the complete planetary alignment of the Great Cross.  You will feel them very acutely when the planets go away from the Great Cross, and I say to you, my friends, each and every one of you that have any senses, any feelings in this way, help us, help us to help those who do not know for we need you, we need you to complete the Ascension. 


This is my message and I give it with great love, and I deliver it with humour and with love from myself and from the Lord who commands me.  Be at peace and be strong and know that we are so close.  Thank you.


LORD SANANDA:  I am here, my blessed friends, my Brother and Sister, and I come because I know you have questions.


SHEILA:  Yes please, dear Master.  I have just read an article in the newspaper that Scientists recreated birth of the universe in a mini-bang near Geneva, despite fears that the experiment risked destroying the earth.  It is said that the Scientists were very pleased with their achievements.  Can you tell us please, dear Lord, what were those achievements and did the experiment harm our earth in any way?


LORD SANANDA: We are talking here of the Hadron Collider and how the particles, the atoms etc were brought together to recreate the big bang which has come to be known as the creation of the earth itself. 


Firstly, I can assure you no, it has not harmed the earth in any way.  It was well contained and, as the Scientists expected, despite their fears, it was well contained in the Collider itself.  Some of the rays that were emitted were also contained in the Collider itself and in the vicinity, and were not harmful in any way.  However, had that collision taken place elsewhere yes, of course, it would have harmed the earth, it would have knocked the earth off of its axis and sent it spinning wildly and unpredictably into space without a settled orbit, and parts of it would just have been vaporised, sent away, but of course, I cannot allow that to happen because we have the Ascension Plan in place and that would have brought the Ascension Plan much quicker than the earth is ready for, but what they have actually done, they have created the moment that the earth was made by bringing together many of the gases and chemicals, atoms and all sorts of things which were in the universe at the time, but what they didn’t have was the hand that created it, so what have they achieved - they have got the scientific part but what they haven’t got is the spiritual, the divine. 


My hands, through the Creator, through the Greater Power, my hands - if you wish to  put a centuries-long slant on things - created the world in its entire beauty.  It was I who gave the earth to you in its form, it was I who put everything else on the earth so that life would exist, so the big bang was created, and it did take some time to put it all together, but that time was in an instance, in a blink of an eye for time to me means nothing, but in a blink of an eye all of those things were gathered together and the planet you reside on now exists. 


It is similar to the new planet that you have seen that exists in a higher plane, that the Scientists have discovered, and that planet itself was created from the same big bang, and it had the same life-form for you, and for all of you who will gradually ascend to that planet.  You will find that the living conditions on that planet will be acceptable and wonderful for you to live on, so I have to say to you yes, although the mini big bang has been created, they haven’t quite got the final ingredient, but it had answered many questions for many people throughout this world of how the universe was born.


SHEILA:  Thank you for that dear Master.  Just one more please.  Will all the planets in our galaxy ascend as ours will?  If not, what will happen to them?


LORD SANANDA:  Nothing.  The planets will stay in space, they will not disintegrate, they will not fall out of orbit.  Your earth is in an orbit around the sun and at this present time this planet needs the sun for life so the sun, as the Scientists have predicted in many, many, many years, will fold and become just a star, but the planets themselves will continue their orbit around a different planet and that planet will be the one that you will be residing on as light-beings.  It will have its own orbit, it will have its own place in space, and all the other planets themselves will go through a very, very minor shift in order for the orbit to continue, and it will be as it is now, there is nothing to be concerned about in that degree for you have to understand that some of the other planets are already inhabited by light-forms, but not perhaps light-forms as you understand and know them.  On other planets life is in its infancy, in water or in gas.  Some of the planets that are veiled in gas for example, Mars, that planet is veiled in a toxic gas which, as a human-being, you would not be able to survive in, and the heat and the cold is such on the planet that you would not be able to survive, and yet there is life-form there, and it is life-form that will grow and adapt to that place, and it may be different to what you are, but there is no reason why life cannot exist there. 


Each form of life adapts to the planet where they begin, and as time goes on - and you have to accept that I am speaking here in, I think you would measure it in millions of years - as life goes on, as eternity goes on, new life is created at various stages along the way, and as with your planet, you have been able to categorise in some form with the scientists and archaeologists etc. how your form came into the being that it is now, and I do not understand if people can accept that - readily accept that you have developed into the intelligent human-beings that you are now - why they cannot accept the final step. 


It is difficult for people to understand, I know, but you, as a human-being, (and I do not talk of you three gathered here, I speak of the human-race) there is not one of you who was there at the time when you developed into a being that could  stand upright and walk.  There was not one of you there to witness this, but the beautiful thing is that, at Ascension, you will be able to go to other places and you will witness the next stage of evolution for that planet, and you will see it in its entirety, and you will be able to say to them “This is your Ascension time; this is what happened to our planet and now look at us!”  So you see, when the scientists say “There is no God, God could not have created life”, they are very wrong because had not the gases - had not the chemicals, the rocks, the detritus that is space - had that not been created in the first place, my hands would not have been able to put it all together.


            Now, my friends, if you have you no further questions I will take my leave of you.  I hope that the message that Gabriel brought to you this morning has given you some understanding, and I give you my strength and my blessings as always, and I tell you I remain constant, I remain in the light and in the truth, and I give you peace.  Farewell.    SANANDA




IVOR opened in prayer.


LORD SANANDA:  Good morning, my friends, before I give my teaching I believe you have some questions for me?


SHEILA:  Yes we do, dear Lord.  We have had an e-mail from our dear friend Marjorie in America.  She has asked if you could please tell her if the Ancient Crystal Skulls will awaken before 2012 to help humanity through the transition process, and will those who have Skulls, even though they are contemporary, will they also awaken and be worked with by their Caretakers when the Ancient Ones awaken?


LORD SANANDA:  In actual fact she has pre-empted me because I wish to speak of the events of 2012 this morning, so her question will be answered in my message.


SHEILA:  Right.  Thank you, dear Master.  Now, some people have asked me what will happen to the people who are committing such terrible crimes against humanity – against children, old people, animals – lovely innocents – at the time of Ascension.  I have given them my answer but will you please give them yours?


LORD SANANDA:  I will give it to you in my message in just a moment.


SHEILA:  My last question is on a light-hearted note.  I was delighted to hear the news of Prince William’s engagement to Catherine Middleton, his long-term girlfriend, and to see her wearing Princess Diana’s ring as I know how much that must please Princess Diana herself.  Thinking of the Wedding Day to come, can you tell us please if you were actually able to turn water into wine at a Wedding that you attended when on the earthplane?


LORD SANANDA:  Yes I did, yes I did, and it was a necessity for the water was fetid.  If anyone had drunk it, and they were my friends, they would have all been ill, so it was by my thinking and my actions that I actually made the water into wine, but I will not be doing that at the Wedding of William and Catherine, they will have their own wine and they can manage that perfectly well for themselves.


            Now, if there are no more questions for the time being, I will bring to you the message that I have concerning primarily the year 2012. 


As you know, the year 2011 will be a year of preparation for you all, and we will cover this in more detail later on towards the end of this year, but I wish to tell you in 2012 some of the things that you can look out for, and these are not all things that are doom and gloom and I do hope that none of you look at the predictions, and the prophecies if you like, that I am bringing you concerning the Ascension – I do hope that you will not view it as a doom-laden event.  It is difficult to accept and understand that the civilisation that you know is going to finish but, if you think of it in a much more calmer sense, you must understand that civilisation as it is at the moment – the human race – cannot proceed at the speed it is going.  Something has to happen and it is at this time that the Creator has chosen to bring this planet to its end.


            What I want to say to you is that in 2012, when the Grand Alignment of the Great Cross is coming into being and reaches its zenith, there will be wonderful things that will happen. One of those things will be much of the forgotten mystery if you like - story or legend - of the Crystal Skulls.  I spoke to you of this in my last message and I wish to tell you that, at the moment when the Grand Cross Alignment reaches its zenith, for the first time the Crystals will begin to become active.  Their power will reach a greater vibrational level, and those who are the so-called Caretakers will understand all the mysteries that are held within the skulls.   The mysteries if you wish – the instructions, the energy that is held within the Crystal Skulls - will also help the Caretakers to bring information to those who are floundering at the time of the Ascension.  Only true Crystal Skulls will be fully awakened at the time stated.  There are just 12 of these and the 13 will be truly revealed in the Creator’s own time.  There are 13 because each one represents a true Disciple of Jesus when last on the Earth, and the 13th represents The One and Only Creator.  There are no preparations for “contemporary Crystal Skulls” to be activated.


Do not forget that the Ascension will happen a little time after 2012, the end of the year of 2012, do not forget it will happen a little time after that, so the Grand Cross Alignment really heralds the beginning of the last phase of the Ascension, and you know the last phase will be very, very quick.


 Some have asked what will happen to those babies that are born at the time just before the Ascension begins.  Do not worry about them, they will be able to take care of themselves, they will be lifted from their human bodies and they will return to the place where they came from because they are already beings of light, and they will have been born to those Mothers who needed the experience of having a child.  Do not worry about them, they will be fine.


            Some have already asked, pre-empting the teaching this morning and asked what about the perpetrators of the crimes against humanity – against the elderly, children – in fact all the horrible crimes you can think of – what will happen to those perpetrators?  Those perpetrators will be held here on the earth until they are made to understand the things they have done here in this lifetime have not been of good character, shall we say, and they will then be asked if they want to ascend or be asked if they wish to stay here.  Those who wish to stay on the earth’s surface, I have already mentioned in many of my teachings prior to this morning, what will happen to them and what they will witness.  They will also be given, in the final days, the chance to ascend if they wish.  None will be left if they wish to come; it is not my plan – it is not the plan of the Creator either – all who wish to come will come, and those who do not wish to will not, and they will be removed to another place.


            Prior to the Grand Cross Alignment you are going to have many problems on the earth.  Now I am not looking here about the natural disasters, I am thinking about other problems that  will play havoc with your lives.  At the moment Mercury itself is in a difficult phase and Mercury, in the form of astrology, not astronomy - those who claim to see the future through the stars - Mercury has always been considered a planet of communication, and at the moment and certainly for the next two weeks, communication between everyone on the earth plane will be chaotic.  You will find that your telephones will not work, communication between each other will be affected, it will be all over the place.  Words will be misinterpreted, statements will not be heard, appointments will be missed, events will go awry because Mercury at the moment is in a very difficult phase, it is moving into its part when it will finally take its place in the Grand Cross Alignment, so I do say to you, be aware of this, try to make certain if you make an appointment - a date or a meeting - that you write it down.  So electronic means will be unreliable, to say the least, so be careful.  Letters that you send will go astray so make sure, if you have something important, that you send it by the highest level.  If you can send it by a different form of delivery that would be even better.


SHEILA:  Dear Lord, talking about mischief, so many people now are receiving mail stating that the EEC is making laws prohibiting some herbs and other homeopathy medicines, and putting a ban on teaching alternative – we now call them complementary – therapies – in fact anything to do with nature and spirituality.  Our umbrella Group, BAHA, the British Alliance of Healing Associations, have told us, amongst other guidance, that these have yet to be passed.  Are you able to give us any comments on this please as we are concerned about our Healing Group?


LORD SANANDA:  Yes.  There are many people who will make mischief and there are many Governments who will make mischief.  They are trying at the moment to prevent alternative medicine and as yet they do not know how to prevent any spiritual healing because they know that if they do this, they will come up against the Church because there are some organised religions who do believe in healing - will allow laying on of hands in their buildings - and they know it is difficult because your civilisation has decreed, in its very constitution, that the Church must be separated from the state, so the state - whether it is the British Government, the German Government, whatever Government, the EEC -  they do not have the power to decree to the Church what should or should not be taught, so, although there are pitfalls for alternative medicines and therapies - this will come into line with reflexology, homeopathy, some forms of massage - but any form of healing which has regard to spirituality, whatever its origin (which comes from the Source as you know, however they choose to label themselves) anything that has spirituality attached to it cannot be countermanded by the state.


SHEILA:  Thank you so much for that dear Master.  As I said, our spiritual healing is regarded as complementary - as well as, and not an alternative - to the medical profession.  We need the Doctors and Nurses and we should be able to work with them after the operations to give healing where it is needed.  We hope that this will be achieved in time.


LORD SANANDA:  I would say also that many of the medicines that are used today are replicas of the old medicines that were made from Mother Nature, so it is not a thing that they can put down because there are still people who have the wisdom to know what plants heal, what herbs cure, how you can derive a better feeling of spirituality from just gazing at a particular plant.  How growing a particular plant can change your feelings, benefit your health, so it is not something they can say does not exist because it has existed since time began.


            There will be all sorts of things going on because every person who can make mischief will make it, and this will be a bit of a problem, and I wish you also to take this quite seriously because this is going to happen for the next couple of weeks, but in 2012, many other things will happen like this.  People’s moods and minds will change - peoples’ temperaments will become inexplicable, their characters will change - because the vibration levels will be of such an intensity, and will change to such a degree and so rapidly that even yourselves, who are aware and accepting of this condition, you too will find it extraordinary how you will feel from one moment to the next, everything will be in flux, and that is why I say to you, you must be steadfast, you must be strong, you must not try to think, at the first hurdle, this has all gone awry, because it will not have gone awry. 


The core of the Plan will stay steadfast and strong, and you must focus on this as much as you can, and everyone else who is reading this, you must understand this as well, you must focus on what your heart tells you, you must listen to the inner voice because it will be my voice that tells you and leads you, and we should all obtain the same goal, but listen to the inner voice, meditate as much as you can between now and then, as often as you can, so that you get used to the feeling of the vibration. 


Ask your Guides to lift you, to lead you.  Ask your Guides to open your eyes, to open your hearts - open your hearts to the feelings, open your bodies to the feelings around you - do not be afraid, there is nothing to be afraid of, remember, if you do not know about meditation, if you do not understand about your chakra centres and what you should do with them, seek out those who will help you.  Now is the time for you to spring into action, do not wait any longer, you must go into action. I know you have your daily lives to live and I know that there are many of you who are very busy with this job and that job, and making money, but at the end of the day - or should I say at the end of your days - it will not matter any more.  What will matter is how you have learned about yourself and the earth that surrounds you, and the changes that you must take notice of.  Accept what you can accept, take on board in your mind and your heart, those teachings from these transcripts that you have been reading, take on board what you can, and what you can’t, just leave to one side for the moment until you are able to discuss and talk or learn more about it. 


The Ascension Plan is a wonderful thing, it is nothing for you to be afraid of.  It is the time for man to reach his greatest part of evolution.  Think of where you have come from, think how life came to this earth, yes, right the way back to the big bang and to the mini-second before it.  Who ignited that big bang?  The Creator.  He gave rise to life on this earth, he gave you the DNA that you have, and he stamps that DNA with evolvement to the highest level, and in so many millions of years you have walked the face of this planet. 


You have changed, you have learned, you have taught, you have learned again, but this time you have learned that you have ignored the teaching.  I come to you now and I say do not ignore this teaching I am bringing you, do not ignore the things that are going on in your world.  Do not ignore them for they are signs, they are proof, they are the evidence that the scientists search for.  It is true there are great discoveries coming your way, the human genome is only one of them, and scientists have been able to identify almost everything that makes up your DNA, but they have missed one vital clue, and that vital clue is stamped within your DNA that it is your need, it is your desire and it is your right to take the next step towards evolution.  Man has done it before when he first stood on two feet, when he first thought about food in a different way.  Evolution has happened and it has happened every step of the way, according to the Plan, but at this time, in the phase of humanity, you have gone your own way too frequently.  You have raped the earth of her resources, you have refused to share your knowledge and your food, both spiritual and sustenance. 


Brother fights against Brother, it cannot go on my friends, and nor do you want it to.  If you look into your hearts. if you break down those barriers, if you set aside that barrier of desensitivity, if you cast aside that barrier that does not allow you to weep a tear when you see a child in need on the television - oh yes, I know what the television is - but I also look at this world and I weep for those who cannot weep, but, I ask you to look forward to the Ascension, but - I diverse, I am sorry - 2012 will be a very exciting year for you, the Crystal Skulls will come into their own, the Grand Cross Alignment will be a wonderful sight to behold – it will be evidence to all that great things are happening in the heavens.  Astrologers will have a fine time and Astronomers will wonder what on earth is happening, and you, my friends, will have the answer, and those who read these teachings - you will have the answer also. 


I would also like to say that in 2012 there will be many changes of Government very quickly in many countries, particularly in the African Countries, and particularly in the Asian part of the world - not so much in the area you call Europe, but certainly in Africa and Asia -there will be many hostile takeovers and there will be many Governments that have been in  power for a long time that will be replaced in a blinking of an eye.  As I said, not so much in Europe because you are quite civilised, the difficulty is where there is so much greed, so much corruption - in the Africa/Asia part of your world - and we have to put this to rights. 


Now, some will say why wait until 2012?  It is part of the Plan and I cannot tell you everything for you cannot know everything, you must still have faith and understand, and when these prophecies come true, which they will, you will know that everything else I have told you has been nothing but the truth.  There are still some people who doubt what I say and that is fine for they have an open mind and a will to accept or not to accept, but there will come a time – in the middle of next year, 2011 - when you will not be able to doubt what I am saying.


SHEILA:  Some are saying that some unscrupulous people will take advantage of the Ascension, abuse it – make it an excuse for so many bad things to happen?  I have said in reply  that those people will have to be responsible for their own actions


LORD SANANDA:  Those people will find that they will not go in the first phase of Ascension and yes they will have to account for their actions and they will have to account for their actions to the  people who remain here.  That would be a rather stupid thing to do for anything that is done with a malicious intent will have to be accounted for, and those people will not be ready for the first big – I cannot say first big “wave” because the first and second waves have already happened - I think we should say this is the final wave and it will be split into various sections.  There will be those who are ready to go immediately and then there will be those who will follow on later, because, as I have said, we cannot have everyone ascending all at once as it would cause so much chaos in your world as we have discussed before, but those who do things with malicious intent will find that they will be held to account and will be frustrated because they will be left wondering and saying “I shouldn’t have done that, I want to go?”


            To recap, 2011 and the remainder of this year will be a time for preparation and I am afraid there will be some terrible weather coming your way - in everybody’s way – and this is due to the whole climate in flux.  For some the weather will be enjoyable because the snow will be coming, for others it will be treacherous.  I will protect all that I can and make life as easy as I can and I say to you be careful in your travel plans.  There will also be much rain, much sun, there will be an extreme of everything to follow in the coming year and into 2012.


  Things will begin round about March/April 2012 and will start to go into flux much more quickly.  Many things will start to happen.  The vibrational level of the earth will start to change and as the Grand Cross Alignment begins its final phase you will know and you will feel.  Those of you who are more advanced, more sensitive, you will begin to feel the vibrational level of the earth wobble and change to such a degree that you will know that the Ascension is almost here.


For yourselves, this year, next year, please continue with the preparation.  Those of you who are reading this, who do not have a meditation group, a discussion group or a spiritual circle to belong to, please get yourselves to one as soon as you can.  These are the safe houses where you will learn to get the tools that will help you cope with the Ascension and understand it even more.  By doing that, by reaching a certain level of knowledge, you will be able to help those who have chosen to ignore it and remain ignorant.  That is why I am saying this, I want you all to be teachers, to be lightworkers, to help everyone else because, for every person who believes, there will be at least five who will disbelieve, and amongst these will be scientists, doctors, politicians, experts of this that and everything else, so you all need to get yourselves to safe houses, to learn as much as you can. 


Those who are reading this who are heads of circles, members of churches - whatever religion, whatever belief system you belong to - please make yourself a safe haven and open up that pathway to meditation and to teaching others the true things about spirituality.


I would also like to mention here, please be aware that many of the angels who work with me - Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Asraiel – many of them, the angels who walk with each of you on the earth - many times those they walk with do not have the ability to acknowledge them, and perhaps only once or twice in their life do they acknowledge the presence of their angels.  It is something that I hope, in the preparation towards the Ascension, many people will open their minds to, there is much more coming to the fore in the current media that you have these days, especially directed at children and young adults.  There are even magazines  concerning angels and how to access them.  There are many books, there are many programmes, and it warms my heart because it means that the world is making a very small acknowledgement to, shall we say, to divine beings walking the earth with you, and it is good to see it.


            Now, that is all I have to say for this morning.  There will be further teaching on this and for those who are reading this and are coming to our gathering in the great City, then my love to you and I look forward to meeting you.  To those who are not coming to the gathering in the City, my love to you also and at sometime I look forward to meeting you. 


For all of you who are reading this, wherever you are, know that it is I, the Lord Sananda, who speaks to you.  I stand in truth, I stand in the light of the Creator, and I bring messages for you, messages of hope, and I bring messages to you of the inevitable.  Do not be afraid, I am with you and always will be.  My love and light to you all. 





 THE AMETHYST GROUP (EARTHBOUND)Sue Luffman, Ivor & Sheila Hutchings TRANSCRIPT OF A MEETING IN LONDON ON           27TH NOVEMBER 2010 IVOR opened in prayer. 

LORD SANANDA:  Good morning to you my friends, and I must say it is a very cold good morning, and I am sure you are feeling the effects of this weather, and do you know, that is something I should like to talk to you about.   I will talk to you obviously about the Ascension Plan, and I think the weather is a very good place to start. 


Many of you reading this, and many of you gathered here, will notice and have noticed without exception, how much your weather has changed over the last decade, and I would like to underline that this is one of the most important signs of the Ascension Plan to begin. 


The final phase of the Ascension Plan will take place very shortly after the closing year of 2012.  At this present time, what you are experiencing is not only a time of preparation for yourselves, but a time of preparation to convince those who do not believe there is something happening to your world.  I am happy to say that many Governments have at last taken on board, with their – how do you call – political agendas, the fact that the weather and the effects of the hurricanes, the tsunamis, the weather change itself - the weather warming, the shrinking of the ice-cap, the extinction of wildlife - they are beginning to sit up and take notice, but sadly, one can say it is too little and too late, but at least they are looking at it, but I fear that the economic cost and the economic loss to some of the nations involved will prevent action being taken which could have helped your world.  Had this happened, had the action been looked at and the steps taken years ago, then we would not be looking at the final closure of the phase of the earth.


 I do not bring you this information to make you feel worried, I do not bring it to cause disharmony between religious belief systems, I bring it because it is the truth, and I bring it because your earth, and those of you who inhabit it - mankind – if I do not prepare you for this, the last days, then the shock will be overwhelming to those who do not have even a small amount of knowledge. 


So then we can say that the weather is a convincing sign to everyone that there is something happening to your earth, something happening to your planet, and you will have so many varying factions, varying people who are channelling information from one level to another saying “Well, this is just what happens, this is the start of a new age.  This is the rape of the earth by mankind”.  It is all of these things but the culmination is coming so close and so fast that you cannot afford to argue between yourselves. If you cannot accept this message, if you cannot accept the information that I bring in love then I do not say to you in the words of your modern day language “tough luck”, I say to you, “That’s fine, that’s alright, don’t worry, you will accept it later on”, and while you are making up your mind, there are those working very close to the earthplane, very close to every single humanbeing on the earthplanet - yes, even the child that was born ten seconds ago - there are angels working close who will give you the knowledge, who will help you to understand, who will help you to feel the change in vibrations so acutely, that you cannot fail to say, “There is something going on”, and that something is the Ascension.


So, before I go into something further, let us ask, are there any questions that you have on that segment concerning the weather, and other things I have said?


IVOR:  Can I ask one, dear Master?  Is the magnetic field of the earth shifting?


LORD SANANDA:  Yes, it is changing, it is changing very much, and I will explain to you why it is happening.  If you will give me but a moment I will explain to you that the force that is coming from your life-giving sun is so great that the solar flares and the solar power that is felt from it, is changing the magnetic shift of the earth.  You will find many people who journey to the northern parts of your world will be disappointed by not seeing the Aurora Borealis so acutely.  That is because it has shifted just slightly out of the normal – how do you say this – the normal tourist route – it has shifted from the tourist route, so when people would normally go to accessible places to view the Aurora Borealis, it has just shifted very slightly, and if you could get slightly further you would see that the Aurora Borealis or “The Northern Lights” as you call them, are extremely active, and they are extremely vivid, and this is to do with the radio-active particles that are coming through the space due to the activity of the solar flares and the sun. 


You can research some of the scientific magazines where you can see that sun-spots have been photographed to be extremely active within the last two -  two and a half years.  This is, can we say, an extra oomph to the magnetic field of the earth, and that is why everything is changing. 


You will find that, prior to the final closure of the year 2012, there will be a scientific discovery that will say the Gulf Stream has shifted its course by several degrees, which will make certainly the United Kingdom and the eastern parts of the world much colder because of the shift , and you will find that other parts, for example Northern Ireland, and other places further on from there, they will become warmer and warmer because the Gulf Stream will shift, and that will take place in the blinking of an eye, so I would say to you, be prepared for slightly colder and wetter summers, and be prepared for the next year or two, much more colder winters than you have experienced before.


A QUESTION FROM THE FLOOR:  Can I ask a question please?  Why is God allowing this to happen?


LORD SANANDA:  It is a requisite, it is fair, it is a necessary happening.  It is often a question people ask of me, why is there famine?  Why is there such hunger?  Such poverty?  Why is our world in such a state as it is?  It is because you have come to a part of another evolution, in a part of mankind’s history, only this time this will be the final phase of evolution which, if you wish it, will take you closer to the perfect being that when created you could be. 


Now, some of you gathered here were not present at the last evolution of mankind, and the evolution of mankind was when you came from walking on all fours to walking on two feet.  That was such a big impact on the world, such an impact.  People began to understand one another as people, and you have evolved from that to what you are today, and now it is time for you to evolve into a being of pure light.  Your earth can no longer support you so it is the Creator’s will that he lifts you from this and takes you to another planet which is prepared and ready for you to go to, which is so similar to this earth that you live on.  Now I know this is such a huge thing for you to understand, that all that you know here, all that you hold dear will change, but I ask you to look at it in another way.  Do you not want to be better than you are already, do you not want to be free from disease and disharmony?  Do you not want your loved ones and your family to be free from the threat of disease in the coming years?  Do you not want to be able to think of something and have it? Do you not want to live in harmony?  I could go on, but this is why God is allowing this to happen, it is His choice to bring this earth to a close, and it is His choice that those he loves and those He created, from whichever form you believe you were created, it is His choice that you evolve to the highest level possible, and it is His choice that He lifts you out of what would be a terrible time of tribulation.  I hope that helps you understand.


QUESTION:  Yes, one quick one on that.  I was always taught spiritually that we are on this earth to learn and to experience things.  If we go to Utopia, or whatever it is, how are our souls going to develop, how are we to learn and experience?


LORD SANANDA:  Because there is always time for change and even though you will evolve into, shall we say, a light being, a being of pure light, you will have attained the highest level that is possible, only instead of you having to labour and learn and understand, you will already have reached that level, you will be lifted out from your human bodies and there is nothing to say that you will not learn in Utopia - as you call it - there is nothing to say that you will not learn, but what you will have is the opportunity to help others who are going through the same.  Do not think for one minute that when this Ascension Plan is finished and the earth has come to its close, do not think it will be laid to rest as a silent planet, no, life will begin again later, later - when time to you as beings of light and living in your Utopia, as you say, time will not matter - so, in a blink of an eye, life will begin again on the earthplane, and life exists in other places throughout your galaxy on solar systems that you have not even heard of or do not know that exists so, do not think, my friend, that although you will be in Utopia it will be a time for you to rest, oh no, there will be many other things to do, and you will have so much experience and so much learning, so much love to give and to use, that it will be your desire to pass it on to others.


QUESTIONER:  Thank you very much.


IVOR:  As a follow-on from that dear Master, may I ask if it can be ratified that people that are already in the fourth dimension, and the ones that are leaving now, is it true that many of them have been privileged to move on to our new earth in the Fifth dimension - they are already there?


LORD SANANDA:  Yes, there are many who have moved on and I know there are those of you here today who have lost loved ones and perhaps have wondered, if you are spiritually inclined, why they have not come to you to comfort you in your hour of need, they have not come to talk to you and say “You know what, this is true and that is true” and it is because they will be amongst those who have been sent to prepare the new earth for you.  There will be places where you can go, where you can be reunited with those you have loved and lost, and there will be those that you wish to see and will not be there because they will be working in other places.  Just as I have said to my Brother, because you go to Utopia or to heaven shall we say, to bring it down to a more – I do not like to use the word common but you understand what I mean, a more acceptable word – because people go to heaven, I do not want others to think that they can sit around and play harps and gather flowers in the fields all day, they have work to do, and if the work is not there it will be in other places, so I say to you, take heart from this, and yes I do ratify that there are other people who have moved forward.  There will be those that you can think of, perhaps draw on from History - wonderful Saints, people who have been a great influence on you, people who have been very popular in this life and you wonder what are they doing now - they are doing just as they agreed to do, so yes, people will be moving onward and moving upward.


Now, if there are no further questions on that section, I would like to move, if I may - this is a very formal way of doing this but I feel we are in a meeting room and as such we will continue to try to be formal. 


I would really like to explain to you what the next couple of years have in store for you, and I am sure there will be questions that you have to ask on this.  This year 2010, this is the year of final awakening.  This is the year when anyone who has had any spiritual experience, be it within an organised religion or be it in a meditation circle, in a different church, in a wood, in a different company - whatever spiritual experience they have had - this is the time of the great awakening.  It is often referred to in the Bible as the “Call of Gabriel”, Gabriel’s Horn will blow.  Well, Gabriel has been blowing her horn for ages, and nobody has been listening so I have come, and I know it is so confusing for many of you - many of you with a stalwart belief – how does Sananda, Jesus, how does He channel through so many people throughout the world, and why perhaps are those channellings so different? We will leave that aside for a moment, but if I forget to return to it please ask me.


SHEILA:  There is a question on that dear Master.


LORD SANANDA:  I will come to it.  This year – or the final few weeks of this year - has been the great awakening.  You have seen throughout your country a greater awareness for protection, protection of things that you hold close.  There has been a big shift in the political system, in the way that things have worked, not only here but in other countries too, but more importantly there has been a great shift in the energy of people who have had some type of spiritual experience and are being woken up daily, and it is not just one person here and one person there, it is whole communities, whole towns, whole cities, whole countries in some cases, where they have had enough of what the Government has fed them and they have decided they can do better, and therefore they have taken the power into their own hands without bloodshed. There are many countries that you do not hear of that have done that with love and understanding, sadly you only hear of the countries in your world that are at war and will take Governments with force and bloodshed.


 I do not take you by force, I do not take you with bloodshed, I ask you to give yourselves over simply to the things that you are feeling.  I come in love, I am love, and I come to teach you that this is not something that is being done to hurt mankind, it is being done to help you.  I want to help you evolve to the greatness that I know you can be, so if you have a friend that says “You know, I think there is something going on in our world” you will know that they have been affected by the vibrational shift of the earth itself. 


Now, the awakening will continue through into 2011 but 2011 is a great preparation year for the earth itself, and I am sad to say that there will be more problems for the earth itself.  First, as I have said before, the economic prophecy or the economic foresight -  whatever you want to call it - that I gave you, is coming true.  You are almost on the brink of an economic collapse globally.  Now that maybe hard to bear when all of your Governments are telling you, you are in recovery.  I think there is not one of you here that does not have the sense to realise that that is not quite true, so I would say to you, be careful of your finances, watch them carefully.  If you have the understanding and you have investments then check them, make sure you are getting – what is the word – “return” for your money, and if you are not, remove them.  In a few years it will not matter any way, but you still have to live at this moment, and you will be surprised, some of you, the journey that this Ascension Plan will take you on.  You may have a desire to meet friends that you have not seen for many years – go - for that desire is with them too, go, go and see them.   Talk, enjoy each other’s company, and when the time is right tell them what awaits you, what awaits you all.


So, the economic collapse is here and so, I have to say, is the threat of a very aggressive action in Asia.  Now, I can tell you that the aggressive action from two nations will cause much pain throughout the world, and I will name them - it is North and South Korea.  There will be much anguish over the actions of these two countries and I would also say to you, beware of your travel plans, and although it is perhaps unkind to the Tourist Boards, beware of where you go.  I would urge you to be clear of Asia/Africa – if you want to take a holiday take it in Europe. 


Also, in 2011, there will be more natural disasters.  You will see more of the earth fighting back, and yes, if the rainforests, and I know I am sounding like something you see on your televisions – yes I know all about television and all these technological advances – and although I may be sounding like an advertisement to save the rainforests, the trees are the lungs of your earth, and for what little time you have left I would ask you, in any way, that you preserve what you can.  I do not want you to mount a crusade and go to the rain- forests or to the Sumatra Desert, I do not want you to go there – I mean for you to preserve  everything that you have that is your own - preserve your own garden - and if you have the space, dig for your own food.  You will find that as the year progresses, 2011, you will find that food will be at a high premium - I am talking here about fresh food - it will be at a high premium because travel will be expensive, countries will not have the money to export and import, and this includes your own country.  If you have the wherewithal and the ability, dig for yourself.  If you do not, find someone that you can share it with.


 At this time it will also be a preparation throughout the organised religions in this country, and some of them will be shamed for what they are.  Others will gather massed members and I say to you, do not be afraid, do not be afraid, the one who shouts the loudest has the emptiest winecask, do not be afraid, and as it says in the Bible - which again there are some parts of that which are, shall we say, slightly inaccurate (and that is being polite) - and I do say that in the final chapters, when it states that there will be wars and rumours of wars, this is what 2011 will hold for you. 


Now all this seems very doom-laden and I am aware of that, but I have to say to you that these things will happen and it will happen because mankind is reaching a point of frustration, he has his back to the wall.  The humanrace has its back to the wall, it does not know which way to go.  Heads of States and Governments are befuddled by information.  They do not know how to deal with each other, they cannot say a word to each other for fear that it will be misinterpreted or taken wrongly, but you my friends, this will be the time when you have to stand up and be counted.  You have to say, “Yes I was warned of this.  I knew that this would happen, I was told, and I was told in 2010, and this is the final closing stages of our world and our structure - our civilisation as we know it” - and be glad. 


Now, are there any questions on that section.  I can see many of you writing notes. 


SHEILA:  Dearest Lord, I am not sure if this is the time to bring it up but I was talking to someone earlier who said that Lord Metatron has been giving some messages that are rather contrary to the ones you are giving out.  To the Questioner.  “Would you like to explain?”


QUESTION:  It was with regard to Jesus’ past on the earth, that He wasn’t crucified, He wasn’t flogged but that He was poisoned.  This was channelled by a lady called Jill Harrison.


SHEILA : Can you comment on this please dear Lord.


LORD SANANDA:  Yes, of course.  Now, I must tell you, the last time I was here on this earth which was the time when the organised religion, Christianity, was born, some years after my death (and I do not wish this to be seditious or malicious in any way) but shall we say the Church, and I mean the Church as a whole, have glorified my suffering and they have glorified it because it is the basis of their belief system. Now, I do not say that they are wrong.  I was flogged and the reason I was flogged was because my friend and adversary, Pontious Pilate, with whom I had much debate the night before my death prior to my flogging, we had much debate and he did not want me to be crucified.  He could see no reason for it and he was firmly of the belief that if I was flogged, and flogged soundly, then that would be enough to appease those who were against my teaching, but as you know, the path of history was different, and I was indeed laid on the cross.  I did indeed suffer the agony for a while, but the solution that was given to me on a sponge – it was not poison it was merely a solution - helped me to pass, what you might call today, into a traumatic coma. 


I was lifted from the cross by my Father, the Creator, He lifted my spirit out and He showed me my demon face to face, and He showed me the delights of my home from where I was created, and from therein I became an Ascended being.


The shroud that was found in my tomb was indeed the burial-cloth in which they wrapped my lifeless body, in fact my comatose body, which has been recounted so many times.


Now, after that time, and after the visitations, if you like, to Mary and my other Disciples when they were given the gift of tongues and speech, and understanding different languages, I did continue a human life for a while.  So, I was crucified, I was flogged and I did indeed become an Ascended being.  It was important that I fulfilled that prophecy because the final ascension is what all of you will come to have, happily without the prefix of the crucifixion.


Now why Lord Metatron is, how can I say, imparting information which is not quite accurate I cannot say, but what I will say, and this is in reference to what I was saying about channelling earlier, I would say to you that there are many Mediums who are accepting of Ascended Masters, beings who will come and channel information. Sometimes, not always - and this is in no way disrespectful to any of the channels that I use - sometimes the interpretation of the human mind can race ahead of the words that are said.  Not all Mediums go into complete deep trance, and not all Mediums are able to access the higher beings for channelling so I hope that that in some way clears up the discrepancy from the question that you had. 


I would also like to say that all over the world there are Mediums channelling my information, but you must understand that interpretation from the groups - if they are just listening, if they do not have it taped, or do not have it written in some form - the interpretation becomes slightly different to the true words that were said. 


You will find all over the world there are many people channelling the Ascension, people channelling different aspects of it; there are even people channelling about the DNA that is encoded within your systems to help you cope with the Ascension Plan. 


There are people placed in all parts of the world that will channel information relevant to that country, to that – how can I say – that race of people who will accept the information that is being given to them.  They will be given various information which will help them. They perhaps could not accept the information that I am giving you here today, but it is given to them in a different way, or a different aspect of the Ascension is given, but all the channellings that are being given represent a different aspect of the Ascension Plan to different people in different parts of the world.  Does this help you?


ANSWER:  Yes, thank you.


IVOR:  Can I continue the theme dear Master.  There are many quotations that you continued your teaching throughout India after your crucifixion.  Can you give your comments on that please?


LORD SANANDA:  Yes, before I came to, shall we say, to prominence - although I dislike that word - but before I came to be known I had but three years to complete my mission (I prefer to call it my wake-up call) I had three years to complete my wake-up call to the humans on the earth then, but prior to that I spent much time with many tribes in different places in the world.


As I came to the earth I was gifted with a particular form of travel which I could use at my behest, but you will remember the forty days I spent in isolation, which I think in your normal English Church Calendar you call Lent, when you abstain from things that you would really like, like chocolate - I heard you talking before my Brothers, I know - where you have to abstain, that was the time when my gifts were taken away so that I would be truly a man, and truly experience the pain which was to come. 


Prior to that I learned much teaching from a tribe which you now call Suffi and I taught them much.  We worked with our connections with the chakra centres and our connections with – you would prefer to call them dimensions, others would call them spirit realms - suffice it to say, with the Suffi and other people of that nature, we worked with our chakra centres and we were able to repair the rent in your world.  You see, I have to explain to you that your world is rent in many places, and when I say that the Kingdom of Heaven is here on earth, it is but you just can’t see it because for you now it is veiled, and what I am hoping to do is to break down that veil, to cast it aside, to drop the scales from your eyes, to see the wonderful world that awaits you and that you do not need to be afraid, it is a natural progression, and it is only natural to perhaps take that step you should feel that you need, and the guidance and the trust and the hand of someone to lead you, and yes, I did spend time with other people after my death, and I did walk to other places in India, as you say, in the Himalayas with the Tibetan people, but mostly I spent time with the Suffi Tribe, but sadly there are few of those people left nowadays, but they have learned from me - when they saw what the world did to me, they preferred to keep those teachings to themselves.


QUESTION:  May I ask a question please, did you have a daughter by Mary Magdalen?

Also the Holy Grail, what is it?


LORD SANANDA:  Yes, let us deal first with the Holy Grail.  Here again we have a legend, a myth if you like that has been woven from centuries that there is this wonderful cup which grants eternal life.  I have to say to you that a part of that is true and the other part of it is not. The Holy Grail is the carrier of life and here I wish to say something which will probably cause controversy for whoever reads this.  You may not be able to accept it but I was a man, and as a man I had the inclination of a man, and I cannot say to you that celibacy was something that I wished to practice. 


We have a technology moment. (Sheila turned the tape)  You see you would all be completely amazed if I was to flick that over with my fingers but actually I do not know how it works, so I will leave the technological moment to my sister here.


Now, to answer your question my friend, I had all the inclinations of a man and Mary de Magdala was one of my favoured disciples and yes I did teach her, yes I did want her to be responsible for teaching, just the same as my other disciples when I had departed the earth.  I did not have a daughter with her but I would say to you the Holy Grail is the carrier of the womb within the woman.  It is that that is necessary to carry eternal life.  You see, when you speak here of eternal life you think of eternal life in eternity, but I would say to you, eternal life here on the earthplane means procreation of your species, and procreation of your species goes on eternally, and it will go on eternally even in the next world, and the world after that, so when I say that the Holy Grail – the San Grail – is the lifeline it is, it is the carrier of life, and that is why woman should be respected at all costs because she is the carrier of life.  You are the giver of life.  I do not need to tell you that it takes two to procreate in whichever way it is performed.  In this day and age you have the ability to have one part of life from one person and a donation of .the other part of life from the other, but I would ask you to remember that it is always the Creator who puts in the God’s spark. Now I hope that has answered your question.


QUESTIONER:  Yes, very well answered thank you.


SHEILA:  So a little more respect for us women please.


LORD SANANDA    Now, my sister.


SHEILA:  Well I couldn’t miss that opportunity could I?   Sorry dear Lord.


LORD SANANDA:  Shall we say patience, tolerance and understanding on both sides is good, therefore we shall live in harmony.


Now, I think if you are all in agreement I think this would be a good time for us to just call a little halt to our meeting for there are those I know who wish to stretch their legs, and it will also allow this Medium a short break, and then perhaps we could resume in whatever time you see fit.


IVOR:  Shall we have a twenty-minute break dear Master?


LORD SANANDA:  How much is that on the tallystick?


IVOR:  A third of one hour.


LORD SANANDA:  I will wait.  Thank you my friends.




Well, greetings once again my friends. I hope you have had time to have had your natural break, and I have listened to the last few moments of your conversation, and yes, everything that is good and has spirit will be ascended, replicated into the new world, and I have also listened with interest when you talked, my Brother Ken – I should give you your correct name, Brother Kenneth, I don’t think many of you would call me Lord San – you may call me what you wish – but yes my Brother Kenneth, it is good for you to look at these things and it is possible for you to turn the dark side to the light.  This is what Ascension is all about, it is about people understanding what the vibrations are for, how they can be used, and how they can be used for the force of good, and once that force of good is in place the darkness has no place to hide for the light will swallow the darkness.


 I also listened with fascination to the question that was raised concerning the wolves.  I have to tell you that in the wild, shall we say, wolves will attack and yes they do tend to devour their prey before it is fully dead, but I have to say to you “clinically” dead, I think that is an expression you will understand, clinically dead.  Before that animal feels any pain it is taken from its body and taken to its place of enjoyment, and although you may feel it is very visceral and very painful, and the animal suffers much pain, I must say to you that, as in all things - and this brings me again to some of the disasters you have witnessed over the last few months particularly earthquakes, landslides etc - I have to say to you that in a split second before the climax of these events happened, those humanbeings and animals alike, that were in the pathways, they were taken from their bodies in the blinking of an eye, so there is very much information to tell you that when these things happen, there is very little suffering in the way you would understand pain.  The consequences however are dire.  Families are lost, homes are lost, businesses are lost, landscapes are changed forever and yet still people do not believe that this is what is happening, that the earth is changing.


 I refer to the earth as the earth because many of you, those that are reading this, perhaps you will accept and understand the word “earth” more, but for those of you gathered here you will understand when I refer to the earth as Mother Earth, the Earth energy, she is coming to the end of her birthing time, and all of this are the labour pains of birth, she will be giving birth to a new world, as I have already said to you.  Many, many years after you have ascended she will continue to give birth to a new earth and this is what will be called, after the Ascension, “The Tribulation”.  Now, I do not wish to dwell on the Tribulation for many of you will not be here to witness it, at least not first hand.  There will be those of you, and some of you are those gathered here in this room who, before you came into being in this lifetime, agreed that you would stay until the last, and will say “Yes, I am happy to stay.  I will make sure that I can help any that are left.”


         You are all Healers that are gathered here but when you have that energy in your hands, when you feel that energy move between yourselves and the recipients - perhaps when you feel the energy from a living plant or feel the warmth of the sun upon your face - did any of you ever realise that your healing potential, you as healers - all that you have learned, all that you want to do - did you ever realise that it would be put into play in the last days of mankind.  Your healing potential will increase, your healing energies will rise, and I say to you now, my friends, there will be no barrier from any Government, from any country, from any authoritative state that you recognise at the moment, that will stand in your way to allow this practice of healing to continue, so I wish you with all my heart, and desire it, that you should come together, that you should increase your healing potential, that you should raise your healing vibration and  meditate as often as you can with each other.  I know it is difficult for you for the areas in which you live, but try, try to come together to have a time of meditation when you realise exactly what your healing potential is, and if you are a little shy of it, and you are not sure that what you are feeling is right, just ask and someone will be put before you who will help you unlock that healing potential.  Now, I digress for I know there are questions that you want to ask me.


QUESTION:  Can I ask please ask about the Illuminati and the conspiracy theories.  Are they now irrelevant because of future events in the next two or three years.


LORD SANANDA:  They are not irrelevant no, their influence on the Holy Catholic Church, as it is called on this earth, has been great down through the centuries, and I would say to you yes, their influence has been proven but it is actually now dwindling for the Church itself, the Belief System - and again here I do not wish to say that I am against any organised Belief System, I am not - but their influence is dwindling and it will be less important in the days to come.  The Holy Catholic Church is opening up, many of its barriers are coming down because they realise that there are people who are interested in the history because from history one can learn of the future, and they are understanding this, and many of their barriers are coming down, but let me be clear, I think it is important that I say this to you.  I would not want any person reading this or talking about it, discussing it - discussing the whole thing of Ascension and whathaveyou - I would not want anyone to think that I am against the Christian Belief System, that I am against the Belief System of Islam or Judaism, or anything of that nature.  It is your desire, as a human race, to put many people into places, labels, and it is necessary that when you put people into boxes - give them labels - that these people must form societies, they must form councils, they must form synods, they must form schools for teaching children only the things that are necessary for a particular religion.  This is how you are as a human race, you do not work together, you work isolated but you think you are working together.  What you are doing is that you are isolating yourselves because someone has made one rule for one label and one rule for another, and you are isolating yourselves from truth and understanding that would assist you greatly in the days to come.  You have all been working for centuries towards this same goal and that goal is heaven - paradise - so I say to you, stretch out your hands to your brothers and sisters, it doesn’t matter whether they belong to this label or that label, you are a race of humans, you all began together - none of you are better than the other - and if it is possible, as my brother has already said this morning, if it is at all possible for you, people gathered here in this room, maybe that is the one thing that you can take away from here today, that you can personally do.  Is that a possibility do you think?  We all start with small things - flowers start from tiny seeds and grow into great beauty - and in the time that you have left, may I ask you to do this.  Thank you.


QUESTION:  May I ask a question on the previous subject?  I was thinking that when the towers exploded in America - and I gather there were over three thousand people killed there, and they haven’t found all the bodies - does that mean that they were all burnt?  How quickly does the soul become removed in those circumstances?


LORD SANANDA:  Instantaneously if not before.  Prior to the impact when detonation was felt and everything else that was life-threatening, souls were taken and they did not feel anything.  Unfortunately, prior to then, the emotional trauma of many of them was great and there are still some who rest and reside in what we call a recovery unit – it is easier to understand if I use that terminology - but with regard to the bodies, they were destroyed by natural causes – by burning and other things – but the soul itself is taken instantaneously a split second before death finally occurs.


QUESTION:  Can I please ask a question about a previous subject that cropped up and that is about solar flares?  In the next year can we expect solar flares that will cause our electronic systems to disintegrate?


LORD SANANDA:  You can but in addition to this I would also like to say to you that coming up to 2012 - and here we must remember we are in the last few weeks of 2010 - in the early part of 2011 there will be much planetary activity.  Many of you will have heard of the Grand Cross Alignment and this will herald the actual beginning of the final phase of the Ascension itself when all of those planets are aligned and the Grand Cross is visible.  Now, as these planets align you will find that communication is absolutely unreliable.  It will interfere with many of the devices and technology that you have in the computerised system.  We have made, with the help of – shall I say – other Ascended beings – we have made protection for people who rely on electronics for life-giving services like breathing etc, but normal day-to-day communications will be very difficult, and it will be very difficult because of the planetary activity, and also because of the sun-spots and solar flare activity. 


You will not get flare that is so great that it will shoot out into space and cause a storm, for that would be detrimental to the planet itself, to planet earth, because you are in close proximity to it, but it will cause some difficulty with technology.  Also one has to understand that in causing the difficulty with technology - and this of course will affect the royal wedding - you must understand that it will be a necessity for you to get together and speak to each other face to face.  Your race is becoming very isolationary, your civilisation, I have seen it.  You have gadgets where you can talk to people while you are walking but you don’t speak to each other face to face.  You write to each other, and I find this difficult to understand for those of you with failing eyesight it is very difficult for you to see the letters, and yet you will write - why not get together and speak? 


For those of you who work with communication and are into communication be aware that the first six months of next year, well into the late spring/early summer, will be very difficult, so be on your guard and be assured that it will settle down a little after that.


QUESTION:  What do you mean, be on our guard in practical terms?


LORD SANANDA:  First of all let us start with the thing that all of you have, it is a computer or a Mic Mac, you know what I speak of.  Make sure that any information stored in that machine you make arrangements to store it elsewhere as well, so I think there is a name for this – a backup yes - in my day it would be another tablet, it would be easier, but they were always breaking - but yes, make sure that any valuable information that is important or for your work, make sure that you have that stored somewhere else.  In your house, make sure you are able to have another form to cook your food.  Many of you I know use the device of Mr Marconi – electricity – many of you use electricity, again be assured that your cooker will falter so if you can, and you have another device for warming your food, then I would urgently suggest that you deploy it. 


Many of you use a fast technological invention which I think you call the micro-wave – try not to use that too often because as you become affected with the vibrations so the tiny radio-active particles will also upset your balance and you will not understand why you are so grumpy one minute and so sensitive the next.   If you also, as well, use electricity as your form of heating then I would suggest that you look at an alternate form just for a while – I do not suggest that you go home and wreck your heating and other things, I am only suggesting that you have an alternative form for you will need it in the latter part of 2011.


Now is there anything else you would like to know?  Can I give you any further information that I have not covered on the preparation for Ascension or even afterwards?


IVOR:  Dear Master, I think most of us would like to know what is expected of us in the coming years.  Would you give us some more detail of what is expected of each of us so that we can get our feet on the right path?


LORD SANANDA:  Each of you that came here today, you made an effort, and for that I would thank you, and I am not concerned about the number.  I often heard it said this morning, those who were meant to be here were here, and you my Brothers, you are the ones who will carry forward the message of this Ascension.  You will find a way to discuss it with your friends.  You will find a way to tailor and guide the conversation around to a level that they can accept, and I do ask you, with real understanding here, that you tailor your conversation to those you speak with.  There are those who you talk with who will accept the Ascension Plan readily and there are those perhaps with whom you keep company with that if you talk with them about the Ascension Plan they will think you have gone mad, you are out of your mind, but you will find a way to talk to them, to bring the subject up gently.  That is all I want you to do.  I want you to spread the word – there’s an old-fashioned word for you, tell people what is happening.  If someone says to you “Did you hear about that mine collapsing in New Zealand?” you can say “Yes, I did, but you know, this is happening an awful lot, what do you think is going on?” and take the conversation from there. 


Those of you who are Healers, you can heal mind, body and spirit.  If there are those in your company – your family, your friends, your associates – who are hurting in their spirits and their bodies and their minds, then lavish on them all the healing you can give them and all the healing they can take.  You have a responsibility, you are channellers for healing and if you hear that whisper in your ear and you think you are mistaken and then you hear a whisper again, then I ask you, open up your hearts, open up your minds and be brave and ask who is there, and I guarantee you will not be alone, so that is what I ask of you my Brothers, spread the word, heal to the greatest capacity that you can and as often as you can, and listen with an open heart and an open mind.  Does that answer your question my Brother?


IVOR:  Yes, thank you dear Lord.  We work with a Medium weekly on Soul Rescue.  I don’t see and I don’t hear but I comprehend somehow, but I can’t give you an explanation on how I do this.  I say sometimes “Let us do so and so” and she sits and laughs and says that had happened before I spoke.  We turn around and say I can’t do anything until I am told but we don’t need to do anything but send a thought and it works. 


         On that note dear Lord I think our time is nearly up.


QUESTION:  Can you send us home on a happy note?


   LORD SANANDA:  Send you home on a happy note?  Of course I can.  Unfortunately I       

can not give you the lottery figures for tonight.


QUESTIONER:  Go on, be a devil.  (Much laughter)


SHEILA:  But dear Lord, our new world is something for us to really look forward to, isn’t it?


LORD SANANDA:  Oh, absolutely, your new world and what you will be.  I mean, think of it, you will have – this Medium will have no arthritic joints, you will have no failing eyesight, you will have no disease.  It will really be heaven, so I hope that although it is a prize to be gained in some way, it is not a prize, it is yours, it is your birthright.  That is where you will be, that is the final destination of mankind, to be beings of light, you will be unfettered and free to go to wherever you want, and that is a definite not a hope.


SHEILA:  And the people suffering all over the world dear Lord, from famine and drought, all the dear children and animals being abused – there will be no more suffering of any kind, and there will be no more wars.


LORD SANANDA:  I have no need to tell you that in some ways you live a privileged life in this part of the world, but there are those waiting and watching and yes, they have despair in one part of their life but in the other they have a tremendous hope, and that is what I have to say, I come in love because I love each of you.  I love each of you as my brother, my sister, and more importantly I want you to know, and shocking though this may be for you to understand - it is absolutely the truth - you are, each of you, my equal. You have the ability within you to do all that I did and more.  Do not be afraid of your legacy and your birthright.  Be brave enough to go out there and get it, and show others that it can be theirs also.  I leave you in peace, I hope I leave you in enlightenment, but most of all I leave you in my love.




IVOR gave the final prayer.                                                                theskullwhisperers/asmallgreenleaf.gif