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Meridians of the human body

Acupuncture in the news


Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine: latest acupuncture research, news, thoughts.


Tuesday, June 12, 20meridian. Korean scientists discovered a way to make pictures of acupuncture meridians to help visualise them.

What is Acupuncture meridian?
If you have read anything about acupuncture you would have heard about acupuncture meridians. Acupuncture meridians are the lines which connect the acupuncture points with each other as well as with internal organs. Physiologically these are the lines that the acupuncture sensation travels when acupuncture points are stimulated.

How did scientists make a photo of an acupuncture meridian?
Korean researchers found a way to reveal the anatomy of these meridians and to visualise them in this breakthrough study. They used fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles to detect a tissue which was not detectable using stereomicroscopes.
Reference: Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2007 March; 4(1): 77–82


"The Himalayan Skulls"  by   Lee Chin



Skull #12:  The spectral alignment as the Ultra Violet Light.
It is the containment vessel for the weights and measures of the arcs covenanted in the Great Pyramid
on the Giza Plateau.

It is the relaying broadcaster to the acupuncture meridian identified as Heart-Sex Circulation Constricter.
It resonates its vibrations within the note of B on the 3rd dimensional octave, and is aligned to the bio-
genesis of the tribe of Joseph, and even so, his son Ephraim.

It is the Crystal Skull that now speaks with authority for the directives aligned to it, on the polarity shift
of a uni-versal consciousness that is beginning to be experienced now.

Furthermore, all of those now involved with getting our remembrance of origin restored by the family of
these precious Himalayan Skulls are the Bio-Genesis of the Ultra-Violet Light!

It is the harmonic resonator aligned for the UV grid I serve for the body of Mother Earth, here in the
Greater Puget Sound Arena of the state of Washington, USA.

The geometries for the arcs of its atomic weights and measures are also aligned by their size, into the
containment vessel of the Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau.


A friend by the name of Buzz has taken a look inside the eyes of this skull and has come up with some amazing images.

What does this mean?






The Nephrite Skull











This page is created for ongoing insights regarding the Himalayan crystal skulls and their purpose and placement upon Earth. Also to discuss new insights regarding the Universal radio waves and their receiving Sun discs, electromagnetic energies, lightening and the inner light body (acupuncture) and other interesting topics.

The 13 large clear quartz crystal skulls are intended as radio-wave amplifiers to re-broadcast the co-creative directives into the 12 pair of acupuncture meridians within the body of Mother Earth and even so, her co-creations. The eight smaller quartz crystal skulls combined as #13, are the chakra energy wheels. This is the total of 21 crystal skulls aligned as channels for the earth programmings.

The anomalous elongated crystal skull is being separated from this group. I intuit it to be the broadcast channel to and from the Sirian ground party.

The Nephrite jade skull is their blueprint offering of the expanding DNA of Earth's dimensional creationism.

The meteorite ball incised with a face is pertinent for a continued research of these past astrological events that did create their own disasters, such as the meteorite stone that hit and killed the Yellow Emperor Huang Ti, in 2697. bc.

Regarding the stone discs, if they were all strung together on a vertical rod (a large tsung) might they become the tower for an antennae to receive and relay the higher incoming messages from the Uni-Versal consciousness.

Lightning is the written word of God, and Thunder, the Resonator of the vibrational edicts to and with co-creative alignments for the Spectral Harmonizers, (the skulls).

I am intuiting: The T'sung is a square tube intended to respond as a directional finder of the 4 corners pole stars and their gravitational alignments to Earth's 12 paired gardens of Eden. Within the tsung, its center has a round shaft-like tunnel, aligned as recipient of the G-force CHI energies being transmitted by a singular strike of lightning.

The acupuncture meridians are aligned as tunnels for the flow of the Greater Light's energies between the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous system. This being the neural network's blueprint for the ongoing continuum of the hiways of the Light-Life travels within the creations.

Will our discoverer continue his journeys on these Himalayan 'Islands in the Sky", that will take him to the final resting port of Noah's Ark. I expect he will soon be putting that old biological lab barge in my swimming pool. Will it fit? Of course? It was built to the size requirements of the storage of many petri dishes for the re-combining of the pairs of seed and sperm of all earth's biological creations to be re-fertilized once again!

Loving Us All

Lee Guilmette Chin






















Himalayan Sun Stone Disks






There is on earth a lodge of learned men who meet once a year to discuss various scientific questions. These initiates know about the earth - its past and its present - much more than contemporary scientists, who represent the official sciences. But concerning the future of the earth even these men of the lodge know nothing positive and they make assumptions about it.

Besides this lodge of initiates on earth, there is on the sun another lodge of great Initiates who know positively not only the past and present of our planet but also its future.

Both lodges are only organs of that great universal organism of perfected, highly advanced beings who form the Great Universal Brotherhood.

These perfected beings are much more advanced than even the greatest men of genius on earth, because they emerged much earlier from the Primal Source. They all have followed a particular path of development, under the guidance of the Divine Spirit, to that degree of advancement which they have attained at present.

When we speak of the Great Universal Brotherhood, we mean that hierarchy of intelligent beings who have completed their evolution millions and billions of years ago and who now direct the entire cosmos. They direct it because they themselves have participated in its creation under the guidance of the Divine Spirit.

When we consider how wisely the entire universe is constructed, with all its galaxies, and with all its innumerable suns and planets, or if we look only at the mechanical and technical perfection with which the earth is constructed, we might comprehend the power of mind and spirit those creative geniuses had who realized the Divine plan of the universe.

These beings range in a hierarchical order according to the extent of their knowledge and development and according to the service they perform. They are known by the following names: seraphim - brothers of love; cherubim - brothers of harmony; thrones - brothers of will; dominions - brothers of wisdom and joy; mights - brothers of movement and growth; powers - brothers of external form and art; principalities - brothers of time, condition and measure; archangels - brothers of fire and warmth; angels - bearers of life and vegetation. The last, the tenth rank, will be occupied by the advanced human souls.

All of these together represent the great Cosmic Man.

The activity of all those beings is so harmoniously distributed that each one knows when, how and what to do. They direct the functions of the great universal organism which includes within itself all solar systems.

Our understanding is that there are three types of solar systems. The first - the organs of the starry universes - forms the material, the physical world, made from the densest matter, though it has various degrees of density. The second is made from finer substance, the substance of the spiritual world, and is part of the angelic world. The third type of solar systems, in its totality, forms the divine world and is made out of the finest and most superior substance.

Heaven, spoken of in the Sacred Scriptures, is not that blue vault over our heads behind which universal space disappears and in which, during the night, stars shine brightly.

Heaven is organized by higher beings, by great souls, and therefore it is great in its activity. The angels who inhabit heaven are great souls who constantly send their light to the whole world. The energy of their mighty thought is distributed throughout the entire cosmos and as a collective power moves everything in the world.

Do not think that the angels are immaterial beings, something like spectral phantoms. They are beings whose bodies are highly organized, formed from pure radiant substance. An angel can control his body in such a way that it can become visible and invisible. He can freely travel through boundless space with a speed greater than that of light; he can roam through solar systems and starry universes.

The angels also are at different stages of development but generally they are divided into two great Kingdoms. Those of the higher kingdom rarely descend to the earth, but those of the lower one come often to help in the spiritual upliftment of mankind. These great brothers of man came forth from the human race, but followed their path of evolution billions of years before man, under more favorable conditions which they used wisely.

And if the life of humanity advances according to plan, if cultures flourish on earth with their sciences, religions, and arts, if men have an eternal aspiration toward development and perfection, it is because these intelligent beings, who are closely connected with mankind, constantly work and care for them. Love, joy and life flow from the angels' hearts. And thanks to their inspiration, men live and strive. The angels wish for humanity to attain the light which they have, the freedom which they enjoy. They desire to teach men to live according to the great laws by which they live. They apply the most intelligent laws in the world. They live the purest and the most sublime life, a life of absolute unselfishness.

In their great self-abnegation, these loving servants of God come down to earth in human form to help people. In one form or another they constantly send their ambassadors to the earth. All men of genius, all great people, saints, adepts, all men of science, writers, statesmen who promote the advancement of humanity in one or another direction - all of these are servants of the Great Universal Brotherhood. It chooses the most advanced souls from among humanity and prepares them for spiritual work among their brothers. Among contemporary humanity there are persons who have finer spiritual powers, who have finer constitution. They are distinguished by their highly organized and pliant bodies because they live an absolutely pure and saintly life. It is their extraordinary development which makes them suitable to be spiritual helpers of humanity. The most highly advanced among them completed their evolution on the earth and possess immense knowledge. They have extensive knowledge of the positive, absolute, Divine science which has existed since the creation of the universe. Many of them live on earth for thousands of years. Having passed through the process of resurrection, neither death nor rebirth exists for them. These men, called "Sons of God", within whose spirits and souls God lives, and who are connected with the entire rational world, with all advanced beings in all solar systems, are those great souls, Masters of humanity, who have attained the highest manifestation of thought and deed, in every field. They are those mighty spirits who, openly or secretly, inspire humanity to advance. You will discover these brothers behind every spiritual activity on earth, behind every spiritual manifestation; they are behind every great man, every great poet, musician or painter.

In order that a man of genius may appear on the earth, it is necessary that thousands of souls of genius be united to express themselves through him.

In order that a Master may appear, it is necessary that all intelligent souls be united in him.

What is Christ? Christ is a collective spirit. He is the totality of all Sons of God from whose souls and hearts flow love and life. All Sons of God united into one, all intelligent souls who live in divine oneness - that is Christ. In this sense He is the head of the Great Universal Brotherhood.

And the star, mentioned in the Gospel and which appeared at Christ's birth, was something living: it was a unity of living beings descending from the heights to proclaim the coming of Christ. But only the three wise men from the East, great initiates, saw and knew the star. And these three wise men were also servants of the Great Universal Brotherhood.

Therefore, remember: the only great Community which exists at present in the world, is the Great Universal Brotherhood.

Those members of the Great Universal Brotherhood, who guide the development of humanity and lead it toward a bright future, do not form any society or organization visible to men. They constitute a living unity, a rational community, which exists beyond the corrupted conditions among which men live.And therefore it is ridiculous to say that the headquarters of that brotherhood is here or there, in this or that country.

All those great Brothers who work in the spiritual spheres of earth belong to seven hierarchies, seven categories. Some of them belong to Love and are called the "Brothers of Love". Others belong to Wisdom and are called "Brothers of Wisdom". They inspire the sciences and arts and bring knowledge to humanity. Others are called "Brothers of Truth". They bring freedom to men's minds and hearts. They introduce that freedom which makes the human spirit, the human soul, the human mind and heart, free - free in the full sense of the word. Still others are called "Brothers of Justice" and they bring righteousness to humanity and have at their disposal those invisible blessings, which contemporary men need. Some are called "Brothers of Virtue", and others, "Brothers of Beauty", and at last come those who have the name of "Jehovists".

However, those are not the real names of these brothers. I dare not pronounce the real ones for they are sacred.

These Brothers are not ordinary, as people might assume. Every one of them can take the earth in his hand and throw it like a ball in space! And they can do this because behind them is something that is still mightier, more sublime, which they serve.

And if some men think that they can defy these Brothers, this reveals that they do not understand the profound meaning which inheres in the expression, "White Brother". If it is a question of force, these Brothers have at their disposal the mightiest force. They know the functions of the human brain so well that in one day they could cause all of humanity to fall asleep. What are the most powerful contemporary weapons before the power of these great Brothers? But they do not want to use force - they allow men to experience things for themselves, even at the price of thousands of sufferings because only suffering can ennoble and correct humanity. And one day men will come to know that in the world there is a great, just government, the citizens of which - the sons of God - are the wisest beings, who live according to God's laws and do His will. Not a nation will remain which has not experienced the power and the might of this just government.

But if today men do not follow the right path, the reason is that, counterbalancing the Great White Brotherhood, another lodge of intelligent beings works, beings who do not understand the deep meaning of life and have a diametrically opposite comprehension of it. They constitute the so-called Black Brotherhood. The Black Brotherhood is a hierarchy of beings who have various ranks according to the degree of their intelligence. In order to give you a clearer concept of their functioning, I shall say that while the White Brotherhood works in the branches and the blossoms of life, with methods pertaining to them, the Black Brotherhood works in the roots of life. While the White Brotherhood works in the head and breast of the cosmic man, the Black Brotherhood works in the stomach, the liver and the intestines. Therefore, the White Brotherhood is connected with the positive forces, with the good, and the Black Brotherhood with the negative forces, with evil in the broadest sense of the word. But at present both forces are necessary for the manifestation of life. Their services are strictly defined.

Besides these two schools, there is a third one - the school of the Great Masters who are from a higher hierarchy and direct the activities of the first two. They use the methods of both for their great aims but belong neither to the one nor to the other of the schools. They are those Great Masters of the Universal Brotherhood who guide the entire cosmos and who, after the completion of each evolution, create new waves of evolution according to another plan and another rhythm.

Under the guidance of their mighty spirit, those advanced spirits who created the solar systems, including our own, at one time descended from the highest peaks of creation They also created and organized the primal "cosmic" earth - what was once "paradise". On that "cosmic earth" still live those perfected forefathers of men who completed their evolution. They are the great ancestors of humanity.

Those creators of the past, those great ancestors still descend to our earth. And they will transform it into a paradise. Together with them will come those 144,000 souls spoken of in Revelation and among them there will be representatives of all past and present nations. All saints, adepts and Masters from time immemorial will come. Their mighty spirit will direct all awakened souls throughout the earth and all of these together will establish perfect order and harmony in the world. After they finish their task, they will withdraw and will leave humanity to live and work under the new conditions. Thus, the communication between the visible and the invisible worlds will be restored.

This is the way in which the Great Universal Brotherhood has worked, works now, and will work in the world.

And it will work until the one Love, the one Wisdom and the one Truth envelop all of creation.

Then every living thing will praise God in sacred peace and harmony.

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) was the Master of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov in Bulgaria








Just want to share this with you.

On Feb. 26th this I took this photo of Orbs that appeared in my bedroom as I awoke.  The room was so densely filled with them I was truly shocked.  Some of them (as the one to the right of the photo were flying around at such a high speed it left a trail behind it.    Marjorie



                    "Skulls Talk To Each Other"                       


Crystal skulls are enhanced and empowered by the presence of other crystal skulls, no matter what size or age they are. Crystal skulls seem to connect with one another and absorb each other's energies, making them more powerful each time they connect with other skulls. This is why many people who begin collecting crystal skulls feel drawn to continue collecting crystal skulls. The Seraphim Institute in Germany has actually visually documented this exchange of energy between crystal skulls using a photon camera. Although scientists do not yet have a full explanation for this phenomenon, there is no doubt that energy fields become active between two or more crystal skulls.

At Crystal Skulls .com, we are fortunate to have exclusive access to the rare Tibetan Crystal Skull "Amar" (which means "To Love"). This treasured crystal skull was rescued out of Tibet by a High Lama who hand-carried it across the Himalayas at great personal risk.